Instantly Tap Into the 40 Billion Dollar T-shirt Business

Every year Americans spend over $40 Billion on decorated apparel. At their users are now raking in more than 20 million a year of that and there are no signs of it slowing down.

The fact is that the new age of the t-shirt business is upon us. Traditionally as a t-shirt business owner you are looking at huge overheads, dead stock on the shelves, lost money in failed t-shirt designs that just didn't sale and an extremely competitive market.

To get ahead of the curve today in the t-shirt business world you have to start leveraging the power of print on demand products combined with the promotional power of social networks and search engine optimization.

Enter XL Empire. XL Empire is capable of publishing thousands of t-shirt desings to hundreds of niche shops and DOMINATE google and social rankings for these t-shirts.

As a matter of fact, has top 10 results for some of the biggest t-shirt niches on the web. Imagine if you were able to get top 10 results on the keyword "Funny Shirt" which gets more than 50,000 unique exact match searches a month. The profits would be exponential. Now the real power isn't in being able to rank just one or two of your t-shirts for big keywords on google. The power is in ranking hundreds of thousands of t-shirts for smaller niche keywords easily.

Now google isn't the only thing is dominating these days ... just check out how much attention these simple user created t-shirts are getting these days! I can't stress how dead simple it is to go viral on wanelo with XL Empire, which will then trickle to the major social networks naturally.

1. Sign up for an account to Skreened is a print on demand t-shirt supplier that will handle all of the actual transactions, printing, and shipping of your T-shirts. This allows you to start your t-shirt business with very little overhead. There is NO LIMIT to how many t-shirts and t-shirt shops you can create with your account, and this is where the power of XL Empire comes in.

2. Enter in your credentials into XL Empire's "Designer" settings.

3. Use the Idea scraper to generate t-shirt ideas for you. Then right click to export the generated ideas to the XL Empire Designer. You can export t-shirt front, back, title, and description to the designer. You can also enter your own t-shirt text or images into the designer.

4. Click the play button on the designer to begin creating your t-shirts. Your t-shirts will be published to the default shop you set in the designer settings.

5. After the designer finishes, the links, t-shirt preview image url and hash tags will be exported to the promoter.

6. Enter your twitter, wanelo, and pinterest account information in the promoter settings area.

7. Click the "play" button to begin promoting your newly created t-shirt designs to twitter, wanelo, and pinterest!


Rinse and repeat until you have hundreds of niche t-shirt shops ranking top 10 on google. Earning you a seriously healthy income.

Q. Will this software work on Mac OSX?

A. XL Empire supports all windows platforms from 2003 and up. If you want to run XL Empire on Mac OSX you will need to use Parallels, VMWare, BootCamp, or RDP into a Windows server.

Q. How much can I earn the first month using XL Empire

A. Earnings are 100% up to the efforts you put into XL Empire. It is designed to be profitable from the very first month of use. We have seen first month earnings anywhere from $50 a month to $500. These figures are very conservative for the true potential of a power user. It's a simple equation. The more t-shirts you create and the more niche shops you open the more shirts you will sell. With a little effort you can easily cover the modest cost of being an XL Empire member. With a lot of effort, you can start your own Empire. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from making four to five figues a month with enough niche t-shirt shops.

Q. Who Processes Payments, prints, and ships the t-shirts?

A. All Printing, Shipping, and Payment processing is handled by A account is required to use XL Empire. You set your own commission you wish to receive for each t-shirt sell within the settings.

Q. Does Ship internationally?

A. Yes, is a multi-million dollar international operation supporting shipments to anywhere in the world. The XL Empire software works with no matter what country you are in.

Q. I am not really good with computers, do you provide training?

A. Yes, we do provide a thorough walk through video in the members area. The software was designed to be extremely easy to use and intuitive for beginners but also powerful advanced features for the more tech savvy. With a small investment of your time, you can easily master this software. If you need additional support customers have direct access to live support from Burton and team via skype.

Q. Can I see some examples of t-shirts created with XL Empire?

YES! See examples below. Skreened has a large variety of fonts, here is a small sampling all created automatically with XL Empire.

Q. Can I really make money with this?

The fact is ... is a 20 Million dollar a year company. 100% of their revenue is generated from their 627,000 user created t-shirts. That's an average earnings of $31.89 per each t-shirt published on Let's just say 1 sell per t-shirt. If you design it, they will come and with XL Empire, you have the leverage to design for every known niche to man in a few days time.

Intuitive and easy to use interface.

Generates T-shirt Ideas

Automatically generate t-shirt ideas from quotes, movies, song lyrics, royalty free images, funny text messages, and more! XL Empire is a complete turnkey t-shirt business in a box.

Designs and Publishes

XL Empire allows you to design and publish your t-shirt designs to a shop effortlessly. Transform your business from zero to hero within a matter of minutes, not months. Enjoy instant profits.

Self Promotes

We have created a t-shirt that can literally promote itself. Just provide your Pinterest, Wanelo, and Twitter info and XL Empire does the rest. Not only will it seed your t-shirt design ideas on these networks, but also create an uncanny number of longtail keyword results for Google.


XL Empire is designed from the ground up with the end-user in mind. You do not have to be a professional bot user to enjoy the benefits of our professional grade bot. Simply read over our quick start guide and you will be creating your own XL t-shirt empire in no time.

What Clients say

  • As a web automation professional, I've used my fair share of internet marketing bots. None have been as useful and complete as XL Empire. This bot has exponentially paid for itself several times over. Hands down, it is one of the best investments I have made to date.

    Benjamin James -

  • There are two types of products in my book -- those that help you solve known problems, and those that are so far ahead of their time, they solve problems you didn't even know yet existed! XL Empire is that kind of product.

    TyMillz - Moderator BHW

  • It's easy to use. Plain and simple. If you design a few t-shirts manually, you'll instantly realize that XL Empire is a massive time saver.

    BoomBoomer - Executive VIP BHW

  • The great thing about the bot is that it is easy to do the shotgun method without too much work. Find sub niches, automate a lot of t-shirts, promote & wait. It 's like the ultra low seo keyword targeting method, where it 's trivial to rank for long keywords because each keyword gets you very few visits. You couldn't do that by hand designing t-shirts, but with the bot targeting thousands of these longtail keywords at a time, you can.

    jazzc - programming and web design moderator at BHW


Onetime Purchase.

Software works on all 2003 and up Windows operating systems including parallels and VMware for MAC OSX.

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